Please read the following and ask for it after understanding.

Scope of business

1. The following operations are included in the business.

Preparation of necessary documents such as application documents and statements of reasons

Application to the Immigration and Residence Bureau

Note: Applications to the Immigration and Immigration Bureau are in principle, but it is safe even if the person in question does not go because the person in question will take care of it.

Transportation costs are not charged within the jurisdiction of the Osaka Immigration and Residence Bureau.Other areas will incur separate transportation costs.

However, transportation expenses will be charged if you wish to apply to a branch office or branch office other than Osaka, Kyoto, or Shiga, even within your jurisdiction.

2. If you wish, we also accept the following business.

Acquisition of official documents such as certificates of all historical matters (we will charge actual expenses at a later date.))

Receiving a new residence card at the time of change/renewal (additional costwill will be incurred.))

Osaka Immigration and Residence Bureau,
Kyoto Branch Office, Otsu Branch Office
10,000 yen (including transportation and per diem)
Other Immigration and Immigration And Residents' Offices, Branch OfficesSeparate quote

3. In the event of non-permission, we will re-apply up to two times.There is no charge.

Note: You may not be able to re-apply for reasons of non-permission.

4. We do not promise that permission will be granted.In addition, the time when the result comes out depends on the crowded condition of the immigration office, so we cannot promise.

About the payment and refund system

We will inform you about our compensation payment and refund system.

About payment

We receive half of the compensation as a starting fee.Once you have confirmed this deposit, we will start to prepare the documents.

Please pay the rest by the time you apply.

In addition, if you acquire official documents at our office, you will also be charged a fee (actual cost).If you apply for an application outside of the osaka Immigration and Residence Bureau jurisdiction, you will also be charged for transportation expenses (actual expenses) and per diem.

About the refund system

In the unlikely event that the application is not approved, the re-application will be free of charge up to 2 times.If you do not approve even if you re-apply, we will refund the amount excluding the starting fee and the actual expense charge.

 However, we will not refund you in the following cases:

 When the applicant's background and employer status are explained differently from the truth.

 If the submitted documents are different from the truth.

 If you did not cooperate in the collection and preparation of necessary documents.

 When you apply after telling us in advance that the possibility of permission is low.

Other precautions

Documents to be submitted to the Immigration and Residence Bureau must be translated into Japanese.

If it is difficult to prepare by yourself, we can also accept it.

Translation from English to Japanese3,000 yen / sheet (A4)
Translation from other languagesSeparate quote