Re-entry Permit and Special Re-entry Permit

Foreigners living in Japan sometimes leave Japan for travel, business trips, or return their home country.

When a foreigner leave Japan temporarily, he/ she should be aware of the re-entry rules.

Once you leave Japan, your visa (status of residence) will expire.

When a foreigner with the visa (status of residence)  leaves Japan, the visa (status of residence) he or she already has will be expired, and the visa will be invalidated. 

Foreigner need to apply for a certificate of eligibility and a visa before entering Japan each time.

If foreigner has to go through the necessary procedures each time, it takes time and effort.

For this reason, the immigration bureau offers a system called the “Re-entry Permit” and “Special Re-entry Permit”.

Foreigners can re-enter Japan easily with this system when they go on an overseas trip with their family, or go on an overseas business trip.

Special Re-entry Permit

Special Re-entry Permit is available to foreign nationals who have a period of stay of more than 3 months. 

Using Special Re-entry Permit, you can re-enter Japan without any difficulty.

The period of validity for a Special Re-entry Permit is one year from the date of the departure from Japan.

If the permitted period of stay expires before one year from the date of the departure from Japan, the date of expiration takes precedence.

Please note that foreigner who has Temporary Visitor can not use Special Re-entry Permit.

How to use Special Re-entry Permit?

A Re-entry and Departure record (re-entry ED card) has a column for the manifestation of the intention to re-entry Japan with a Special Re-entry Permit. 

Check the column when you departure from Japan.

You don’t have to go through the immigration process in advance and there is no fee.

If your current period of stay comes within one year, the expiration date will be given priority.

Special Re-entry Permit cannot be extended.

Even if you are unable to return to your home country within one year due to illness or an accident at your destination, your permit will not be extended. 

Please be careful on this point as well.

Re-entry permit

You must apply for and obtain a re-entry permit from the Immigration Bureau in advance.

Once you have the permit, a sticker will be placed in your passport.

The re-entry permit is valid for five years.

If your period of stay expires within five years, the expiration date takes precedence. You must return home before that date.

There are two types of re-entry permits, single and multiple permits, and the fee is ¥3,000 for a single permit and ¥6,000 for a multiple permit.

If you have a Re-Entry Permit, you can extend your stay if you are unable to return home before the deadline due to illness or accident.

A summary of the difference between a re-entry permit and a deemed re-entry permit

Special Re-entry PermitRe-entry Permit
Advance preparationsUnnecessary
(Check your re-entry ed card.)
(Application to The Immigration Bureau.)
FeesFreeSingle:\3,000- , Multiple:\6,000-f
Validity period1 year
(The period of stay takes precedence.)
5 years
(The period of stay takes precedence.)
ExtensionNo extensionIt’s possible under unavoidable circumstances.