“What kind of person do you do as an administrative scrivener?”」

“What’s the difference between a judicial scrivener and a lawyer?”」

I started working as an administrative scrivener in 2013, and I received countless questions from this question.

An administrative scrivener is a national qualification, and there are laws and services for its work.

Our main business is “application business for permits and licenses”.

To put it simply, “we will help you expand your business by obtaining the necessary business licenses for your business, etc.”

Of course, we not only get permission, but also provide consultation on what to do to meet the required requirements, and provide support such as procedures that are required after obtaining permission.

Features of our office Part 1 Administrative scrivener himself will respond.

Our office is a private office, and the administrative scrivener is only one representative.

“What does it take to get this permission?””What documents do I need to apply?”」

Administrative scriveners will respond to these individual and specific consultations.

Features of our office Part 2 Akira Accounting

The amount of compensation is also posted on the homepage, but the amount may change depending on your situation.At that time, we will create a quotation and inform you of the amount in advance.

In addition, transportation costs are included in the Kansai area.In the case of a long distance, we will charge separately.

Features of our office That 3 hours of correspondence are also possible.

Business hours are from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, but we can handle holidays, weekends, and outside of these hours.However, please make a reservation in advance.

Features of our office Part 4 English correspondence

Our office also supports visa (visa) procedures for foreigners.

Even if you do not understand Japanese very well, we can respond in English.

Features of our office Part 5 Children are also allowed to attend.

If you are a company that is run only by your family and relatives, you can consult with small children.

Features of our office Part 6 Female administrative scrivener

Since the representative is a woman, you can consult with men even if it is difficult to consult.