Be aware of international students under outsourcing or contractor agreements

In principle, international students are not allowed to work, but they can work part-time with a permit.

In recent years, the types of jobs available to international students have become increasingly diverse.

However, there are rules for international students to work, and they must follow these rules.

Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted

International students working with a permit may work no more than 28 hours per week (no more than 8 hours per day during summer vacation and other long holidays).

You can work in any type of work as long as it is not an adult entertainment business.

International students must make their studies a top priority.

It is not allowed to work all the time and not go to school.

Working hours is quite important for foreign students

As mentioned above, foreign students are allowed to work for a certain amount of time by law.

It is important that you work within the permitted working hours.

If you work more than the permitted hours, you may not be allowed to renew or convert your visa to a work visa.

When the working hours are clearly known.

Most foreign students used to work on an hourly basis.

In the case of an hourly wage system, not only the foreign students themselves but also their employers will manage their working hours.

Therefore, if international student and employers are careful, it is possible to keep the 28-hour week. It would also be possible to objectively show the hours worked if you have labor management in place.

If the working hours are not clear

Recently, there are cases of international students working under outsourcing or contractor agreements.

Under an outsourcing or contracting agreement, the working hours may not be clear.

Sometimes there is only a set date for the completion of work and no agreement on the hours worked per day.

Some jobs do not require you to go to the office and all work can be done at home.

If you can objectively verify your working hours, it is possible to work under this type of outsourcing or contracting agreement.

(Of course, this is limited to 28 hours per week.)

If you can’t objectively verify your working hours, then you will need to get permission to work on an individual basis.

When you get an individual permit, you will have to specify the employer, the place of work and the job description.

You may not be able to get a permit depending on the nature of your work.

Managing your working hours is very important for international students.

Please make sure that you manage your time well.