What is a work visa?

In general, there are many people who are referred to as “visas for foreigners”, but they are originally “status of residence”.However, as is easy to understand here, it is written as “visa for foreigners”.

There are 28 types of visas in Japanese law (Immigration and Refugee Recognition Act).And foreigners living in Japan have one kind of visa in line with their activities.

For example, if you marry a Japanese, it is called a “marriage visa, spouse visa”, or if you are a permanent resident, it is divided into “work visa” and “permanent resident visa” if you are a permanent resident.

Here, we will explain about “work visa”.

Types of work visas

Work visas are granted to foreigners who are staying in Japan for the purpose of working, and are further divided into different types depending on the nature of the work.

Some people may think, “I can do any job as long as I have a work visa”.

However, according to the Immigration and Refugee Recognition Act, the type of visa granted depends on the nature of the job.

For example, a foreigner who works as an interpreter and a foreigner who works in a Chinese restaurant as a chef have different types of visas.

Work visa requirements

The requirements for work visas vary depending on the type.

The typical requirements are summarized separately, please check them out.

Engineer/ Specialist of Humanities/ International Services ⇒ A wide range of jobs are available, including office work, system engineers, designers, and production management.

Skilled Labor ⇒ Cooks, pilots, trainers, etc.

Nursing Care ⇒ Working as a nursing care staff

Intra-company Transferee ⇒ When you are transferred from an overseas head office or branch to a head office or branch in Japan

Business Manager ⇒ When a foreigner starts a business in Japan or becomes a business owner or corporate officer.

Highly Skilled Professional ⇒ For highly skilled foreign personnel, there are more preferential treatment than other working visas.

These visas have a fixed period of stay, and it is necessary to apply for renewal by the period of validity.

It is not possible to obtain a work visa for jobs that can be considered unskilled labor.

If you want to work in such a job, take a look at the following items

Can Foreigners work without work visas?

Some visas have work restrictions and others do not.

Each type of work visa only allows for a specific type of work.

On the other hand, a foreigner who has a visa without work restrictions may be able to work in a job that is not permitted under a work visa.

For example, janitorial work is quit difficult to grant work visa because it is considered unskilled labor.

However, as long as you have a visa without work restrictions, you can work in unskilled labor.

It is also possible to work as a part-time employee instead of full-time.

Visas without work restrictions are as follows

  • Permanent Resident
  • Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident
  • Spouse or Child of Japanese National
  • Long Term Resident

The following visas allow you to work in unskilled labor, although you will need to obtain a work permit.

  • Student
  • Dependent

These visas allowed to work 28 hours per week.

(International students are limited to 40 hours per week during long vacations.)

If you work in more than one workplace, the hours worked will be considered combined.

If you work 10 hours a week at Company A and 15 hours a week at Company B, that’s 25 hours a week.

Note that these are not working hours per company.